Site creation turnkey

Creation of individual design

Website design is very important in business. A simple example of this, the design of the Mercedes and Muscovite. By itself, a good website design increases% buy your product or service. We try to give great attention to the design of the site as the user got on your site evaluates it first on the visual level, but then he starts to study it in detail. Well thought-out design allows the user to find interesting information faster, which makes the site easy to navigate. What distinguishes good design from a bad one? Well thought out design site structure, succinctly selected fonts for reading and theme of the site, if you have any corporate colors, they are included in the elements ofrmlenii layout, thus making it more recognizable in the future and asking the general concept of colors on the site. Our web studio when designing future date template drawn all the details of user interaction with the site, which makes it convenient for the user. Before starting to design future date website, we analyze other sites with similar themes, bring out the best of them, study them to understand how the designers have decided certain issues and make their own unique solution for our client.

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Creating adaptive layout

Since 2015, we apply technology to develop adaptive sites, because every year Number of users with mobile devices is growing. Doing adaptive website we enable browsing websites from any device. On smatfonah, tablets, laptops and PCs. The site is equally convenient to use and view iformatsii. At the moment, the search giant Google displays the first places sites that have adaptive or a mobile application that will give you a chance to increase the traffic to your site. Technology buyout we use to sweep patterns: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Bootstrap, Javascript and the library JQuery.

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The programming part

We specialize in developing complex software for medium and large businesses in Kyrgyzstan. In developing its internal products and services to users. We love sophisticated and interesting tasks set by our customers, we are not afraid to use new technology for projects, but still do not refuse-established and proven over the years the development of techniques. To create a simple and medium-sized company websites, we use the most popular engine Wordpress. For large and unique projects we develop engines from scratch using php 5.5 is the most popular Framework Laravel 5, as we are using Node.js and Angular.js for projects that have to work very quickly.

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Website promotion

Promotion in search engines (SEO)

Abbreviation SEO (search engine optimization) is predictable from the English translates as "search engine optimization". And search engine optimization implies a whole range of activities with the web site, which are required only to ensure that site was well received by the search engines; that they correctly deduced his pages and content in a search engine, a new page is regularly analyzed and the most important thing - render them in the first lines of the issuance of the search engines such as Google or Yandex.

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Promotion in social networks (SMM)

SMM - decrypted and translated as "Social Media Marketing". This process of raising interest promoted products through social networks. The main objective of SMM is the final distribution of content without the participation of the organizer. Users of social networks at the moment is a huge number of people of different ages, professions, social strata and levels of income. This is the largest cluster of people on the Internet, and where both are not there to promote your business and your website?

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